Thursday, February 21, 2013

Not the best news we've ever had, but we're holding on to hope.

My son got some potentially bad news from his attorney recently.  In my last post I wrote about how well his status hearing went, and that the character reference letters that several people had written on his behalf were to be presented to the prosecuting attorney.  After the prosecutor reviewed the letters he sent an email to my son’s attorney stating that no leniency would be granted.  The prosecutor is known as a “by the book” type of guy so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  But both my son and I had our hopes up after his hearing, so this came as quite a blow.  My son admitted to me that after he read the letter he just wanted to say, “screw it all” and go score something to take away his pain.  He was able to resist the temptation, but it was a reminder of how near to the surface the siren’s call of the addiction lies.  It waits, like a vulture circling its prey, to pounce on a reason to become active again.  My son was able to work through it and decided to stay on the path he is on, keep doing the right thing, and hope that the judge will show mercy.  I am so proud of his determination to fight this demon.

I understand that there are legal consequences for breaking the law, as there should be.  However, if an addict is fighting hard to break the chains of addiction and lead a sober life as a productive citizen, what is the purpose of prison?  Will prison help in the recovery process?  I think not.  Now, I truly do believe that my son’s arrest was an intervention by the Lord to save his life and I don’t regret that he was arrested.  Even my son feels that his arrest saved his life.  But if the purpose of prison is to rehabilitate folks so they won’t commit further crimes, it would seem to me that it would be defeating the purpose at this point.  It is clear from the character references written by my son’s employer, counselor, and people who know him, that he is trying his best to turn his life around.

I will not let this latest piece of news destroy me.  I will continue to have faith and trust the Lord.  I have learned, and continue to learn that I can CHOOSE to go on with my life and find comfort in knowing that the Lord loves my son and is doing all He can to help him.  I can choose serenity in acceptance of the things I am powerless over.  One of those things is the justice system.  My husband and I intend to set up a meeting with the prosecutor in hopes that he will hear us out as we tell him about the miraculous changes taking place in my son’s life, and that he will have compassion.  If he doesn’t, I’ve done all I can do, and the rest is in God’s hands.  I trust those hands, and His love for us.


  1. I am so sorry for this setback but, like you, I truly believe the Lord is working in your son's life. The prosecutor may not have mercy but God surely does and he can speak compassion and grace into this mans heart and the heart of the judge.

    I'd tell you to keep the faith but I know you already are!


    1. Thank you, Summer. That's pretty much what I told my son. The Lord is the ultimate judge, and He has shown my son over and over how much He loves him.

      Thanks for the prayers. I know they help.