Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Today I gained some perspective.  I found a forum where parents of prisoners can share thoughts and experiences.  As I read through some of the posts I was so humbled by what I found.  There are parents who have had kids in prison for years with no chance of ever seeing them outside of prison.  There are also parents who will see, or who already have seen, a son or daughter take that last walk ever on this earth.  There are elderly parents raising grandkids when they should be enjoying retirement.  So, today I was given the gift of perspective.  No matter what my situation has been in life, when I've looked around outside of my own little world, I've always found people who have it much worse. 

Thank you, Lord, for perspective.


  1. That is so very, very, true. Hope your son is doing ok and continuing to be strong in his faith and resolve.

    1. Thanks for your comment. He is holding onto his faith, but is struggling with the reality of his situation right now. Of course when he's struggling I really have to fight against my tendency to go into my "Mrs. Fixit" mode. I can't fix this for him. My love for him can't make this mess go away. So I pray, and I remind him how much he is loved, and that no prison walls can separate him from the Lord's love. And I work on letting go, and letting God.