Friday, June 15, 2012

Suicide-The High Price of Addiction

As Father's Day approaches I am filled with memories of my dad.  My dad took his own life 11 years ago as a result of his addiction to alcohol.  When he wasn't drinking he was an intelligent, compassionate, sensitive soul.  It is my belief that he suffered from untreated depression because he saw it as a weakness and wouldn't seek help.  Instead, he self-medicated with alcohol. This is the poem I wrote to be read at his funeral.   I miss you Dad.

Last Farewell

How hard it is to bid farewell
To you, my dearest Dad.
All my life you’ve been right there
If I just reached out my hand.

A strong pair of arms to help me,
When mine were just too weak.
An open door to welcome me,
When shelter I did seek.

How I wish I could have helped you
The way that you helped me,
And given you the comfort
That your troubled heart did need.

But sometimes the world is just too much
For a tender heart to bear.
You could find no respite
In your hour of dark despair.

So rest now my dear Father,
Enjoy your well-earned peace.
And know that you live on
In the memories I keep.

I will see you in each sunrise
That God paints across the sky.

I will feel you in each cooling breeze
That gently dances by.

I will hear you in the springtime songs
Birds sing to greet the day.

And I will not forget you, Dad
Or all your caring ways.

Stay safe within our Savior’s arms,
Until we meet again.

April 2001


  1. I cannot stop crying after reading this beautiful poem to your dad. I am so sorry for your loss. My dad passed away 15 years ago from a heart attack and although he had been sober for many years when he died, I'm sure all those years of drinking contributed to his sudden death at 62. Despite the hard times, he was an amazing father and I feel profound gratitude that God gifted me with such a loving parent. It sounds like our dads were cut from the same cloth....two good men who left us far too soon!

    Happy Father's Day to your dad, mine and every other dad who has been taken before their time.

    1. Thank you, Summer. The more I network and learn about addiction, the more I am convinced that most addicts, are very sensitive and compassionate people. I think that contributes to the addiction because they feel the pain of this world too deeply and just want to "fix" it.