Monday, June 11, 2012

Fear of the Unknown

May 25, 2012

            I haven’t seen or heard from my son for almost two weeks now.  With each day that passes my fears increase.  I have contacted the few close friends he has left, asking them if they know his whereabouts.  They aren’t answering me.  I know through Facebook though that they haven’t heard from him or seen him either.  I guess that’s what worries me most.  It’s not unusual for him to fail to contact me for long periods of time, but when he doesn’t contact his friends, there is cause for concern.  I’m trying to decide whether to file a missing persons report, knowing full well that if I do he may be found with drugs in his possession.  This is terrible to think, but at least if he were in jail I would know where he is.  My mind is a mess, and I don’t know if I’m thinking clearly.  I pray a lot, and I’m trying so hard to “let go and let God,” and I know that only through trusting Him will I find peace……..yet still, my mind is a war zone right now.  Jesus, please take the wheel.

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