Monday, June 25, 2012

Three Answers to Our Prayers

  I need to remember that God always answers prayers.  It might not always be on my timetable, but nonetheless, prayers are always answered.  My dad’s addiction caused him to take his own life, so when I learned that my son was drinking and using, I was terrified.  It was really my worst nightmare.  So, every day since then I’ve prayed that God would help him stop.  There have been days when I’ve felt like I must be doing something wrong, that I must not have enough faith, or God would have made him stop.  Those are the days when I’m forgetting God’s goodness.  God suffers when we suffer, but He gave us free will for a reason.  Now my prayer is that He will help us learn the lessons we are supposed to learn from this journey, for there are always lessons to be learned from suffering.  At least while my son is in jail he isn’t putting poison into his body.  That is a blessing.

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